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All our activities are aimed at promoting and developing Taekwondo in this continent


[Information] Combaxx 5th Asian Taekwondo Open Championships

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Writer: ATU   Comment: 0   Hit: 2,311 Date: 2023-11-03


We would like to draw your attention to tomorrow's schedule:

1. The random weigh-in will commence at 7:30 AM.

Athletes selected for random weigh-in must arrive at the competition venue by 7:20 AM.

2. The list of random weigh-in participants will be posted on the ATU website at 6:30 AM.

3. The competition will begin promptly at 9:00 AM.

** Please be aware that athletes who arrive late for random weigh-in or their scheduled competition will be disqualified. Your punctuality is crucial.

Thank you for your attention.