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All our activities are aimed at promoting and developing Taekwondo in this continent


[Notice] List of ATU Council (2021-2025)

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Writer: WT Asia   Comment: 0   Hit: 4,410 Date: 2021-10-26


We are please to announce the list of ATU Council (2021-2025).

Please check the attachment for the details.


List of ATU Council (2021-2025)


1. Kyu Seok LEE, Republic of Korea

<Vice-President (Male)> - Elected

1. Jin-bang YANG, Republic of Korea

2. Seyed Mohammad POULADGAR, Islamic Republic of Iran

3. Ngoc De TRUONG, Vietnam

<Vice-President (Male)> - Appointed

1. Pimol SRIVIKORN, Thailand

2. Deeb Abdelrahim Sedo KURDI, Jordan

3. Sang Jin KIM, Republic of Korea

<Vice-President (Female)> - Elevated from Council Member

1. Carine LAHOUD, Lebanon

<Council Member (Female)>

1. Fajar ALBINALI, Bahrain

2. Nancy Adnan EL-HINDI, Jordan

3. Yoriko OKAMOTO, Japan

<Council Member (Male)>

1. Kyung-bae LEE, Republic of Korea

2. Stephen V. FERNANDEZ, Philippines

3. Rajendran MUTHUSAMY, Malaysia

4. Arman CHILMANOV, Kazakhstan

5. Zayed Khalifa ALSUWAIDI, U.A.E.

6. Huo-Lu CHANG, Chinese Taipei

7. Prakash Shumsher RANA, Nepal


1. Young Gap KIM, Republic of Korea